Status Update May ’18

Hey all! A few days ago we released the pre-alpha demo of Eternal Escape. Besides a short tutorial, you can play a demo level. Here you can experience the gameplay during a tactical mission. This involves things you might be familiar with like cover-system and different actions. Also, we have […]

Status Update Apr ’18

Hello everybody, in our last blog post, we talked about MoCap. The topic of this blog post is actually quite similar, it just involves other senses: the hearing! Today we want to talk about the Sound Design of Eternal Escape. In a Media, Sound is just as important as the graphics […]

Status Update Mar ’18

Hello everybody, in this blog post, we want to talk a bit about our progress and what we’ve been up to in the last few months. As the gameplay and the mechanics of Eternal Escape are now determined and working, we are now working on improving the overall look of […]

Status Update Jan – Feb ’18

Hello everybody, today’s status report will be about some major features and changes we added in the last couple of months due to feedback from our internal alpha testers. We will conclude this report with a short preview for the upcoming month. Stackable effects We’ve made changes about how the […]