Are you prepared to escape this prison ... Alive?

Are you prepared to escape this prison ... Alive?

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Articy | Status Update 2020 Q4

Looking for a drafting software for story and dialogue, we found a possibility through our students in our team, provided by the Trier University of Applied Sciences. It offered the opportunity to use Articy Draft 3 (stylized “articy:draft”, in the following called “Articy” for simplicity). We saw this as a chance to explore the software extensively for our use. And it convinced us. But what is [...]

Status Update 2020 Q3 | Story & Worldbuilding

Since it’s getting colder outside, the time of story-telling has started. In preparation for this we worked on the subject of story and worldbuilding during the summer months. So now we can give you an outline of our game’s world and setting. But note, that the gender of our protagonist [...]

Status Update 2020 Q2 | Vertical Slice Prototype

Hello, today we want to give you an outlook on how we will continue with Eternal Escape (work title) during the next months. As we mentioned in our last blog it’s about giving you a timetable of how we will create the Vertical Slice Prototype (VSP). Therefore we switched the [...]

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is a story-driven tactical game set in a sci-fi theme with a strong focus on turned based combat. While staying loyal to the core elements of the genre, we decided to introduce new gameplay features as well as elements from other genres, making Eternal Escape a unique experience.

  • Strong focus on exploration and turn-based tactical combat
  • Deep and complex combat-system, easy to learn but hard to master
  • Test and experiment before actually executing the choices you made - a unique feature and key element of our gameplay.
  • Detailed and comprehensible feedback during combat
  • High replayability: different strategies to approach a mission
  • Four main classes with different weapons and unique skills and several lead characters having their own set of skills
  • Make use of the environment for your own tactical advantage: destroy walls, climb hills for better view, unlock shortcuts, hide and attack behind covers.
  • Dystopian City with a wide diversity of settings, like prison facility, research labs, biospheres and also planetary surfaces
  • Areas might change over the course of the game and could be revisited to unlock secrets and optional missions.
  • Story-driven: Each team members has his own background-story and motivation.
  • Faction system: Different factions are in war with each other - choose your allies carefully.
Being passionate gamers for decades, we played and finished games from all kinds of genres, though most of all we enjoyed RPGs and TBTs (Turn-based tactics) in particular. We loved to play games like UFO, XCOM, Jagged Alliance and Valkyria Chronicles. Unfortunately good TBTs are rare finds these days, often lacking the complexity and depth of former titles.

After graduating from our game development studies in Trier, Germany, we decided to turn our hobby into one goal: Developing a turn-based tactical game that combines tactical gameplay with strategy and role-playing elements. We liked the idea to add more complexity to the game, while making sure the rules are easy to understand und it’s still fun to play.

While definitely a tactical game at its core, we like to add new innovative elements as well as elements from other genres. For instance we decided to go for a free adjustable third person camera instead of the usual isometric view, the introduction of role-play elements, like individual attributes, skills and classes. Moreover you have the ability to test and plan every action before executing the choices you make, therefore improving the overall transparency of your action's consequences.

The game itself is divided into 3 parts:
  • Tactical Missions: Consisting of combat and exploration, both being turn-based. Most of the time you will play missions fighting your adversaries.
  • Key Areas: Customize your team in headquarters: assemble and equip your squad, pick and develop your squad skills. Other key areas involve trading, recruiting or story-development.
  • Scenario Map: Choose between several missions, defeat random encounters while traveling and visit different key areas.
Our protagonist grows up in a world that isn’t only spatially very distant to ours, but socially, too. The people of their time left earth to colonialize the expanses of space. Long before their birth, the home of our protagonist was colonized as well, even though it is surrounded by an atmosphere which is toxic for humans. With the help of advanced technology the colonialists planted an artificial seed on the planet, from which a tree-shaped megastructure sprouted. As it was grown-up, it was able to protect the people inside from the atmosphere, provide energy and space for working and living in its indoor cities.

Our protagonist is going on a journey that will lead them through all social classes. Their aim is to uncover their blurry past. Who are they? Where do they come from? Why were they wrongly convicted? They are imprisoned in the isolation part of the prison, as a riot breaks out and they are freed. The prisoners rebel against their wardens by force. A bitter fight for control over the prison starts to rise. The only way out of this complex is an abysmal deep elevator shaft. But the elevator ... disappeared without a trace.
The development of Eternal Escape is currently in the pre-alpha stage. The current content is not representative for the final release and might be subject to change. The story-driven game will be released episode-wise to allow earlier access to the game and still be able to expand the universe with new missions, areas, characters and skills over time. Each episode will be a stand-alone game with a self-contained story.

We are currently working on a demo version to be available soon. You will be able to play a mission with both mandatory and optional objectives controlling a predetermined squad, with each unit possessing unique weapons and skills.

This project is flexible to changes suggested from the community. We're looking forward to reading your feedback and critiques.

Team Goji

Dirk Eckert

Dirk Eckert

Game Design & Lead Programmer
Miriam Grutzka

Miriam Grutzka

Story & Art-Director
Bastian Hagege

Bastian Hagege

Social Media & PR
Alexander Marx

Alexander Marx

Alexander Scholz

Alexander Scholz

Game Design & Project Management
Marvin Winter

Marvin Winter

Concept & 3D-Artist
Jan Ringel

Jan Ringel

Lead 3D- & Technical Artist