Status Update Apr ’18

Hello everybody
in our last blog post, we talked about MoCap. The topic of this blog post is actually quite similar, it just involves other senses: the hearing!
Today we want to talk about the Sound Design of Eternal Escape. In a Media, Sound is just as important as the graphics of the animations, because Sound carries and convey emotions. What would Skyrim be without its great Soundtrack “The Dragonborn comes” or the Half-Life series without its Iconic Sound Design? Super Mario wouldn’t be Super Mario without his unmistakable Voice.

Therefore we will soon start with recording sounds, like command and reaction dialogues. Those are voice samples, that character will say when they have started or executed a certain action. Furthermore, we will record weapon and ambient sounds and integrate them.
Several sounds already exist in Eternal Escape but most of them are only placeholder for future original sounds. To replace those and extend our sound diversity we will soon begin with recording sounds in the Sound Laboratory of the University of Applied Sciences Trier.

Apart from that, we want to compose our own original soundtracks to extend diversify our music library. This is why we are looking for a music composer for the future.

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