Status Update September-October ’18 | Gameplay Demo Version Pre-Alpha 0.2.8

Hi there!

In the last months, our team was quite busy again, while our artists were working on concepts and style studies (which unfortunately we can’t show you yet) our programmers worked on the next technical demo version.

Demo 0.2.8 contains several bugfixes, regarding interaction (switches, doors, elevators, etc.), cover, AI, UI, gamepad and general gameplay.

Besides various bugfixes, this update brings many improvements and new features. As promised in our last Blog post July-August, you can now play a whole new Level that we showcased at Gamescom 2018. We created that level to show the main features and the development state of Eternal Escape as compact as possible in a 30 minutes time frame. Your goal in the Gamescom demo is to free Nuck Chorris from an asteroid-station and to flee together with him while defeating the final boss.

Further version highlights are:

  • Visual tweaks regarding the user interface
    • Several UI components got a new look
    • This is still not the final design it was just to make the game look prettier for Gamescom
    • New icons for classes
  • Improved gamepad controls
    • Besides many bugfixes (ex. quick menu) we optimized gamepad controls,
      especially menus are now easier navigable
    • Gamepad support for UI elements
    • You can now navigate the “Turn Order Bar” and “Mission Objectives” window with the gamepad. Other elements will follow
  • Improved the AI / game balance overhaul
    • Enemies will now use cover more often and will try to bypass your cover
    • While changing this we needed to decrease enemy damage on “Normal” by 25% and increase player damage by 25%. The other difficulties were accordingly adjusted
    • Many skills and items were tweaked
    • Most classes now have a few meters more movement distance per action point
    • Skills with control-effects now have a one turn cooldown
    • The skill “Charge Attack” (Assault) has now a lower minimal distance and now should be used more often.

You can find the complete patchlog here.

By the way, this trello will contain all patch notes in the future. For us, this is a quick way to create a complete and detailed patchlog and for you, it is an easy way to find out what’s new and to get a better insight in the development of Eternal Escape.

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