Status Update 2020 Q3 | Story & Worldbuilding

Since it’s getting colder outside, the time of story-telling has started. In preparation for this we worked on the subject of story and worldbuilding during the summer months. So now we can give you an outline of our game’s world and setting. But note, that the gender of our protagonist isn’t certain yet.

Our protagonist grows up in a world that isn’t only spatially very distant to ours, but socially, too. The people of their time left earth to colonialize the expanses of space. Long before their birth, the home of our protagonist was colonized as well, even though it is surrounded by an atmosphere which is toxic for humans.

With the help of advanced technology the colonialists planted an artificial seed on the planet, from which a tree-shaped megastructure sprouted. As it was grown-up, it was able to protect the people inside from the atmosphere, provide energy and space for working and living in its indoor cities.

The social life is characterized by a strong hierarchy, which is mirrored by the vertical form of this tree. Situated at it’s top, and therefore at the top of society, is the elite. It is their duty to lead and monitor the people beneath themselves. The upper class enforces their instructions and consist of powerful corporations and influential organizations. They, on the other hand, employ the working class, which makes up the majority of the population. Only convicted criminals, who live and work in prisons in the lower part of the tree, stand beneath this class. But at the lowest point and therefore no part of the functioning society anymore, live the outcasts and banished. Detached from the rest, self-sufficient, criminal structures emerged. One of the few connections between them and society being a huge tube in which the prison is located.

Our protagonist is going on a journey that will lead them through all social classes. Their aim is to uncover their blurry past. Who are they? Where do they come from? Why were they wrongly convicted?

They are imprisoned in the isolation part of the prison, as a riot breaks out and they are freed. The prisoners rebel against their wardens by force. A bitter fight for control over the prison starts to rise. The only way out of this complex is an abysmal deep elevator shaft. But the elevator … disappeared without a trace. The fronts between the prisoners and the wardens are hardened. The situation in the prison itself is getting worse and right about now another all-changing threat appears on the horizon.

Hopefully we were able to rouse your curiosity and you got a rough picture in what kind of world Eternal Escape (work title) will lead you. We wish you all a cosy winter and stay healthy!

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