Status Update August / September | Gamescom 2019

Gamescom 2019 is over and everything has returned to normality. As promised in the last Blogpost now we want to review what happened during the biggest consumer fair of the games-industry this year.

Exhibition Stand & Goals

This year we showed our game, together with other projects from Rhineland-Palatinate, at the gamesAHEAD booth. Like last year, we were also located in the Bussines Area, this time in Hall 2.1.
For us Gamescom 2019 was all about networking, socializing and showing what Eternal Escape has become in recent months, as well as receiving feedback. Ultimately, it was all about showcasing what is happening and what will be possible in the future in our location, Trier.

Our game

Last Gamescom and during the German Dev Days 2019 we noticed that our demo, which was made especially for trade fairs, presents the gameplay of Eternal Escape in a compact form, but the level is too long for a trade show. Also, it did not meet the art style and design we are going for. For example, a big part of the 2018 demo level was played with only one character instead of a whole squad. This was intended as a tutorial for our round-based system but it turned out we overshadow what Eternal Escape is really about: the tactical fight with a nice squad. In our opinion, the new arena level shows better what Eternal Escape is at its core and puts greater focus on real tactical decisions instead of just playing through a linear level.

In the new demo level, you play as a squad of 3 characters whose goal is to steal data from a terminal and then escape. Additionally, to a brand-new setting, we now included the preparation phase. Here the player creates a squad from a selection of individual characters with different classes, weapons, and skills.

The level includes new assets and interaction elements created especially for this setting. For the first time, the assets represent the visual quality that we strive for in the final game. In addition, the demo shows new interaction possibilities with the environment such as dynamic cover, which gives the player additional tactical positions.

Furthermore, we implemented the real-time exploration phase. The player can now move freely until he is seen by an opponent, or he initiates manually the round-based fight. We are currently working on finalizing the level, so we can release it with the next update.

Next year

It is always difficult to talk about plans for the next year, but at least we want to express our wishes and vision for Gamescom 2020. We are planning to show our game at the Indiebooth for the next Gamescom, because we want to talk to you, the players, get direct feedback and gain more visibility for Eternal Escape. Communication, especially with core gamers, is particularly important to us. Because Eternal Escape is a long term project, it should be accompanied and influenced by you, the community right from the start. In addition to our appearance in the Entertainment Area, we will be exhibiting in the Business Area at the gamesAHEAD booth again. Thus, we want to be represented twice at Gamescom 2020, to give as many people as possible the opportunity to play Eternal Escape.

Thank you

A big thank-you goes back to gamesAHEAD this year for the organization of the stand, as well as all those who helped to make this possible. It has again been a lot of work and time for all involved in the organization and this is of course not self-evident. Many thanks to the University of Trier, Skilltree, River and Wines, Binary Impact and everyone who supported, without you the stand would not have been possible.

If you want to stay up to date about Eternal Escape, then follow us on Twitter! If you want to talk directly to us developers, just visit our Discord, there you can ask us questions, give us feedback or just have a chat with us.

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