Status Update Dec ’17

Good Morning,

how are you? We hope you have come well into the new year. As you can see in the picture we registered Eternal Escape at the German Computer Game Award. We compete in the Young Talent Award / Prototype category and hope for a sympathetic jury XD. But that’s not all, here is the review of December 2017.

In December, we started integrating motion capture animation into the game. After some initial difficulties, we are now on the right track. We replace and add several missing animations. This process will be with us for the next few months. In parallel, more opponents will come into play. They need animations, that have to be created by our artists manually.

The prototype is currently in a test phase, to identify and eliminate any issues with the update to Unreal Engine 4.18. When we have finished testing, the prototype will be released and you can download and play it yourself. We are looking forward to your feedback and your comments!

Your Eternal Escape Team


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