Status Update June / July ’19 | Our social media accounts

We spent the last weeks to prepare for and represented on Gamescom 2019. Now that the trade fair is a thing of the past, we are finally collecting and processing everything that happened. For that reason this blog post won’t be about Gamescom yet, but about our social media channels. It is intended to be used as a guide, where you can find what. Next month we’ll talk about Gamescom and give you more information about our brand new Gamescom 2019 demo-level.

Let’s just start with the obvious, this blog. We try to post an update every month and talk only about Eternal Escape and its development in detail. If you want to closely follow our development, this is the right platform for you. Besides our blog, we also have blogs on as well as indieDB. We use those sites as a mirror of our own blog for more exposure for our game.

On Twitter, we will post the essential small updates about us, Team Goji, Eternal Escape and pretty much anything that is too short or insignificant to be a fully fleshed-out blog post. For example when we are attending an event or share some new concept art. On Facebook, you will find the same content, so you have the choice.

On our recently opened Instagram account, you will find us on a bit more personal level. This account is about Team Goji, the team behind Eternal Escape, there you’ll find some cool pictures, videos, and fun stories about our journey in game development. Also, there will be some content about our game, but certainly not as much as on other platforms.

As of right now, our Youtube channel is used to upload gameplay videos and trailer but in the future, we plan to expand our content, f.e. with Dev-Vlogs. Besides Youtube, we will also use Twitch for streaming. We already have new stuff that will come soon to these platforms.

If you want to talk directly to us, join our Discord Server! There you will find every member of Team Goji and be able to have a chat, ask questions and have fun with us during the development of Eternal Escape. It is also the quickest way to get in touch with other community members.

And finally, we want to use Reddit as our public discussion platform. We think that Reddit is the best choice for this because it allows users to have a well-structured discussion. Moreover, it is transparent and does not need a separate account to read all the stuff. We will post our monthly updates and further information there, everything else is up to you.

Keep in mind that we are still experimenting with our social media accounts, figuring out what works best for you and for us. That means, that all those notions are subject to change in the future if we have a better picture of which platform is suitable for what.

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