Status Update Mar ’19 | A short presentation of our classes

Six months ago at the end of 2018, we tested our gameplay mechanics with models and animations from unreal marketplace. Also, with the help of motion capturing, different animations were recorded and edited for the game. Those animations are not yet implemented into the game but we are looking forward to doing so.

Right now, we are working on creating our own models, focusing on differentiating the five classes that we have planned at the moment. Every class should have a special look that will be instantly recognizable. To achieve this, there will be different helmets, weapons, and armors for each class. Especially for the armor, we want to create a distinct design and even more than one design for the individual classes.
Every class is going to have special skills, weapons, and traits which will give the player a range of possibilities for creating their individual party.

The following classes are playable in the first episode:

The main character of Eternal Escape. As being a typical support unit, he can buff his team and weaken his enemies. Some slight healing as well as resurrecting are also part of his abilities. He doesn’t wear a helmet so he can be recognized in a second. He wears a portable console around his arm. His weapon of choice is a laser pistol.

His specialty is splash damage with an acid launcher. On the other hand, he can heal his teammates. Look-wise he’s wearing a hazmat suit with a mask to go with it and a tank on his back.

A close combat fighter and “tank”, who does the most damage from a short distance. Due to his fighting style, there are marks on his metallic armor, for example, splintered paint or blood splatters. For combat, he’s using an electric double-ended blade and an energy shield.

As a sniper, he can take out the enemy from far away but has a low shot frequency. He wears light armor with a camouflage print and an open helmet with a visor.

The fastest of the classes, the scout can move across the battlefield in a short amount of time, thus giving the player an overview of the current situation. Using stealth tactics, he needs fitting attire, so he wears a carbon armor with camouflage print and an aerodynamic helmet.

During the following months, we want to implement more of our own models, for example, objects or weapons into our gameplay demo. We are also working on creating base characters for each class because right now we only have one standard character.
Our 3D artist also works closely with our concept artist to finalize the style for Eternal Escape. More on that in our February blog.



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