Status Update Nov ’17

Hi all,

it’s been quiet for quite some time around Eternal Escape, but not to worry, we have been busy behind the scenes. We and a number of people have been testing our gameplay demo prototype, which is soon to be released. Before that though we want to show you what exactly we’ve been doing in the last couple of months and what will happen in the near future.

Since Valve’s shutdown of Greenlight, we were in need of a new access point for you to follow our progress. For this goal, we started development on our own website. Don’t worry we will still keep our pages on IndieDB, GameJolt, and Itch.IO as well as the new project website. You will find the gameplay demo on all 4 of them soon as well.

We developed this game not just for us but primarily for you, therefore, our early start with an own website as well as social media, in hopes for feedback during the development process. Our Idea for this way of Game-Development is based on the fact that often games with a high player to developer interaction are in many cases much better than those without that bridge. Many of these games are blessed with a good modding and gaming community, which tends to be active over the borders of a game alone. This Vision of Interaction of a Game and its Community is the vision and Idea we hope to achieve with you.

Our initial Two-Man-Project “Eternal Escape” started off quite small, and was in dire need of manpower. As you might well know we studied Game-Programming in Trier, so we asked around there, if anyone is willing to join our team and since this summer we already assembled quite a team.

Tech-Wise we are proud to announce that since November we have a Motion-Capturing-Studio available to our team, giving us new possibilities for better animations. Also, we now have VR- and Console-Dev-Kits at our disposal, on which we are currently experimenting with promising results. It’s all still a long way till it will make its way into the game, but it opens the great potential for 2018 – so be ready for great news next year as well.

We will have a regular newsfeed on our newsblog as well as all social platforms, to further improve our development of the community. These posts will be released on the 15th of every month. It will be a short documentation of progress we did in the last month. Also, we will release smaller news on our social sites in form of concept arts, short videos or pictures. The first news to be released will be information above gameplay-demo very soon.

We’re looking forward to your feedbacks and helps with Eternal Escape. Thank you for supporting our joy in the best hobby – share this with friends and let’s develop a great game. We wish u a merry Xmas and a happy New Year,

The Eternal Escape – Team

Picture by: Sketchepedia –

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