Status Update Nov ’18 | Christmas holiday post

Hello everybody,

2018 is coming to an end and a lot happened this year. Besides the release of our pre-alpha demo and our visit to Gamescom many changes have taken place in our team and project. In addition to that, we made good progress in terms of development. But before we look back to the year 2018 in the next blog post, let’s take a look into the future and see what the year 2019 has in store for you and us.

Of course, we will continue to work on our demo in 2019. We will add more game mechanics and improve existing ones. In addition, we will be adding new assets such as characters, particles, animations, etc. to approximate the type of art we are aiming for. We will also adapt and improve UI and UX in parallel. Finally, the gameplay demo will be further developed into a vertical slice that shows all the features of the final game.

At the same time, we will start our worldbuilding for the first episode and share this development process with you as well. You will also get to see 3D models such as station rooms and inventory. In addition to the optical, we will now also elaborate content-related things for the first episode. This includes both technical aspects such as a dialogue and cutscene system, as well as the elaboration of characters and the story.

There will be a lot going on outside development as well. For example, we plan to exhibit again at Gamescom 2019 and will be present on other events such as the GDD.

You also will be able to follow our progress on Twitch and YouTube starting next year. Right now we are thinking about Let’s Plays, where our developers will talk about the development process. In addition, we are also considering other video formats to give you a deeper insight into the development.

If you want to get in touch with us, you can now do that via the specially created Discord server. In addition, you will find more information and news on Twitter and Reddit .

We wish you Happy Holidays and a great start into the new year 2019.

Your Team Goji

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